Day 29 of our Visit to Australia and New Zealand

January 7th, 2012

Left Dunedin, flew to home ;-(

We headed home today and it was a very full day of traveling.
  • We left our apartment at 8am on January 7th and took a shuttle to the airport. The driver was great - he was full of thoughts on politics and ecomomics.
  • Airport security is very reasonable in NZ. We took some leftover bread, cheese, carrots, apples, salami and chocolate with us to eat at the airport in Auckland. Taking these items through security in Dunedin was no problem.
  • We arrived in Auckland late morning; however, our non-stop flight to SF (or LA for the boys) was not scheduled to leave until after 7pm. It was raining like mad in Auckland. I had wondered about taking a bus into town and exploring a bit, but that did not seem like a good idea. So we pulled up a table at the Auckland airport for lunch and played Bananagrams (sort of a portable version of Scrabble) as long as we could stand it.
  • Then we took a bus over to the international Terminal and wandered though the duty-free shops - these things are like shopping malls. We finally broke down and bought a copy of "The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo" for Justin. It was a tough call, Justin needed something to read on the plane, but books are really expensive in Australia and NZ - I think it was around $30 for a paperback. Yikes.
  • Around 6pm, Peter and I went to our gate. Unfortunately, Justin and Spencer's flight to LA was delayed by~ 4 hours and they did not depart until about 11pm.
  • In flight, we passed over the International Date Line and this time we gained a day. We ended up in San Francisco around 10am on January 7th.
The image above is a Windows screen. The inflight entertainment system required repeated rebooting, and Peter was amused to see that it ran Windows. The message about the Xmodem file download on COM1 evokes memories of the 1980's.
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