Horse Poo
We saw this sign while in our only traffic jam of our trip. We noticed this sign near Wellington.
Clowning Around in New Zealand
mmap of our routeap

The days of our trip. The underlined dates are links to pages.

December 2007
January 2008

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Don't try this in your workshop. Justin sharpening the whatsmacallit. (Photo by Peter.)
picJustin in jungleture1b
Justin in the jungle that is Alcatraz. (Photo by Peter.)
pictJustin at Alcatrazure2a
The ascent of Alcatraz. Justin, just barely hanging on...while also taking this picture.
Peter, looking scary for Robin at New Years Eve. I think Robin took this picture.
Justin also captured our reactions to his precarious position in obtaining the shot.
pictuJustin in bathroomre3b
Justin, puzzling over the purpose of the handle at the Visitors' Center in Kawerau.
pictJustin with Kelpure2c
Justin, defending us.
piJustin with Kelpcture2d
In a low moment where the tide seems to be against Justin. For the most part, there are few plants or animals on the island that interact negatively with humans - no poison oak, no poisonous snakes (no snakes at all), no poisonous spiders - however, you have to be alert to the nereocystis luetkeana (bull kelp).


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