The underside of a rock from a tide pool on Moturoa.

Day 1 of our New Zealand Trip - December 26th

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Waiting for bus
We arrived at the airport at ~5am and took a shuttle to the Auckland City Center. We had a few hours to kill at this coffee shop as the bus taking us to Paihia did not leave until 8:30am. Justin is looking "punchy" and Spencer is looking tired.
Peter and Cathy at Sky Tower
Cathy and Peter in front of the "Sky Tower" at ~6am.
Peter and CJ at Boat
Auckland, from the window of the bus. The Sky Tower is the distinctive structure.
CJ and Peter getting ready to board the dingy.
Spencer, Carol and Justin on the dock waiting for CJ and Peter to return with the dingy.
Here is a picture of Carol at home in her kitchen.
View from Moturoa
Justin and Spencer with shells
Spencer and Carol getting ready for our first walk to one
of the island's beaches.
Spencer and Justin with shells.
The beaches had an amazing number of shells.
Cathy and Carol looking at tide pools.
Cathy, Spencer and Justin walking through one of the island's caves.

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