spencer with sheep in background
Spencer, on the morning of our second day in New Zealand, still looking a little tired.
Day 2 of our New Zealand Trip - December 27th


Map including Moturoa

Here is a link to Moturoa in Google Maps. Link to a Larger Map


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picCJ in pastureture1a
CJ with binoculars ready.
pictuCarol, Justin, Peter, CJ and Spencerre1b
Carol, Justin, Peter, CJ and Spence admiring the view.
pictgroup walking on Moturoa
Group walking across the island. Cathy lagging with camera.
picWasp ture1a
Great shot (by Peter) of a wasp with food for Junior.
pictugroup walking in meadowre1b
Walking to the coast.
Walking through the woods.
Peter capturing the light being filtered through ferns.

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