There are about 1000 ewes on the island. On the 29th, 4 rams were delivered to the island.
Day 3 of our New Zealand Trip - December 28th


Map including Moturoa

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View from Moturoa Moturoa View
One of the many amazing views of the Moturoa shoreline.
......another nice view
groups walking on Moturoa
CJ in pasture
Carol, looking for penquin and petrel chicks in suspected nesting areas.
....and very pleased to find a petrel chick.
Dead Penquin found on the beach
CJ and Carol are removing a dead penquin from a fishing net. If you hang out at the beach a lot as we like to do, it is suprising how many birds can be found dead as an appearent result of getting tangled up in fishing nets or lines.
Here is a different dead penquin. The native penquins are very small and I beleive they are called blue penquins.
Carol at the "Grand Crevas" Peter and Cathy climbing down in the same area as Carol at the left.
Carol climbing down to a cave area accessible during low tide.
Peter and Cathy climbing down the same slope as Carol (to left).
Peter and CJ at Boat Justin and Spencer with shells
Back at the house, we were greated by a family of turkeys.
Spencer relaxing.

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