The ascent of Alcatraz. Justin, just barely hanging on...while also taking this picture.

Day 4 of our New Zealand Trip - December 29th
Map including Moturoa

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Peter and Spencer climbing up Alcatraz. (Photo by Justin.)

Carol climbing down from the top of Alcatraz. (Photo by Peter or Justin.)

Getting ready for Alcatraz. (Photo by Justin.)

New Zealand Flax and Peter and Carol. (Photo by Justin.)

Justin in the jungle that is Alcatraz. (Photo by Peter.)

Peter and CJ walking. (Photo by Justin.)


The Islanders are meeting the "Cream Boat". The name "Cream Boat" has been carried over from the days when the island was used for dairy. Nowadays, the boat brings the islanders their groceries and transports tourists. (Photo by Cathy.)


4 rams being dropped off in preparation for breeding season. (Photo by Peter.)


Peter explaining how to put an edge on the whatsmacallit. (Photo by Justin.)


Don't try this in your workshop. Justin sharpening the whatsmacallit. (Photo by Peter.)

Justin and Spencer with shells

Peter and Justin doing the laundry. (Photo by Cathy.)


Most of the water used on the island of Moturoa is collected rain water accumulated in cisterns. Also, "grey water" is processed to benefit plants. There was a minor maintenance project that Peter and CJ worked on. (Photo by Peter.)

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