Moturoa at Dusk. (Dock on left; the barge for hauling sheep left of center; CJ's boat on right.)
Day 7 of our New Zealand Trip - January 1st
map with Moturoa

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Carol, Peter and Justin out on a windy day.
Taken by Justin through the binoculars.
We captured a few photos of bird eggs that we found on our hikes. On this day, we found 2.
...another egg.
We found these tiny caverns in the dirt and were not sure what was using them - wasps, bees?
Here is a long-dead possum. The inhabits of the island of Moturoa are trying to keep this island free of small mammals (such as rats, stoats, possums) that like to eat birds' eggs. Since kiwis, penguins and petrels all nest in the ground, they are particularly vulnerable. BTW, I am pretty sure than none of the above mentioned small mammals are native to this island - per Peter's recollection, perhaps bats were the only mammals prior to man's arrival.


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