Day 8 of our New Zealand Trip - January 2nd
mmap with Moturoaap

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Justin battling KELP
Justin, defending us.
pJustin battling KELPicture1b
In a low moment where the tide seems to be against Justin. For the most part, there are few plants or animals on the island that interact negatively with humans - no poison oak, no poisonous snakes (no snakes at all), no poisonous spiders - however, you have to be alert to the nereocystis luetkeana (bull kelp).
picture2aCarol and Spencer
Carol and Spencer climbing up Penquin City.
pictCarol and Spencerure2b
Carol and Spencer.
Our friend the kakariki.
piCJ and Peter workingcture3b
CJ and Peter looking into plumbing some problems.
The weather vane in front of the house.
picture2Justin and Spencer - Mathd
Justin went through quite a bit of Linear Algebra with Spencer on this trip
There were quite a few webs/nests like the one above on the island.
Here is a view of what's inside - see the spiders!
A crab
pictsea urchinure5b
A sea urchin


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