Boleteria Subte station
The Piedras Subte station, looking very much like the Paris Metro. (Link: map from hotel to this station)
at the Boleteria Subte station
An old subway car, still in service. Elegant.
Plaza de Mayo
We took the subway to the Plaza de Mayo. The plaza has been the site of historic protests and still has graffiti remnants and banners from past and present protests. Links: Plaza de Mayo Wiki, Plaza de Mayo Map.
Here is our group walking along side of construction on the sidewalk opposite the square of the Plaza de Mayo.
at the Boleteria Subte station
Stencils like the ones above can be seen around the city. The picture at the right was taken right across the street from the Plaza de Mayo. (Néstor Kirchner - Born: 25 February 1950. Died: 27 October 2010.) Links: Kirchner Wiki, Plaza de Mayo Wiki, Plaza de Mayo Map.
La Boca
La Boca
Edge of La Boca
Bumper Sticker
Our bus took us from the Plaza de Mayo to La Boca. This area was settled by mostly Italian immigrants and is now a historical site. The neighborhood sits at the mouth ("boca" in Spanish) of the Riachuelo (third picture). We liked the bumpers ticker on the bottom image. Says "I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute." (Links: Wiki. Map.)
Cementerio de La Recoleta
Here we are at the Cementerio de La Recoleta standing in front of a couple of monuments. In the first picture on the left, our guide, Silvana, is explaining the history of the cemetery (and warning us about pick-pockets). The cemetery is dense with monuments, some very elaborate. Over the years, a family may end up going deeper underground in order to find room for their loved ones. The family also pays for maintenance and it is clear that while most are meticulously maintained, some have deteriorated. For example, the picture at the top right was taken because of its state of disrepair and because of the unusual skull and cross-bones (the nose is an upside-down heart and the eyes are x's). At the bottom, right, we are proceeding to the current resting site of Eva Perón. This is a story in itself. The image at the middle, bottom is a typical row of monuments within the cemetery. (Links: WIki on Eva, Wiki for Cemetery, Google map of cemetery.)
who are these guys?
As I was sorting through the cemetery images, I found that Peter and I both took pictures of these three guys. On the middle bottom picture, I am straining to take the picture while trying not rouse the suspicion of the three. We have a hunch as to what they were up to.... fortunately, Silvana had warned us. I greyed out the faces, just in case they just happened to be innocently appreciating the cemetery at the same time we were, while seeming to be crowding their way in and out of our group.
Pretty flower with a backdrop of Peter's jeans.
Peter in front of the apartment building where the Pearsons lived in 1966
After leaving the cemetery, Peter and I set out on foot to explore the city. Starting out, we looked around the streets of the Recoleta neighborhood for a non-touristy lunch spot. We eventually made our way to the Barrio Norte area of the city. Here is Peter in front of the apartment building where the Pearsons lived in 1965. (Link: map)
Plaza de Mayo
We saw ONE public reference to (during the whole trip, mind you) the Libertarian Liberal Party. We found this while walking from Barrio Norte back downtown.
Cementerio de La Recoleta
A pretty park that we passed on our walk back to the hotel.
We had a very fine Italian dinner at Broccolino. I had a pasta with a very intensely mushroom sauce ("Morchella Vulgaris" as per the menu). Perhaps the best part of the meal was desert which was ice cream with fresh fruit. The ice cream seemed to be flavored with a fresh mascarpone cheese. (Link: Here is the menu.)

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