We left Bariloche early this morning and we set out by bus to the island of Chiloé.
At the border, our bags and backpacks were sniffed by this nice lab.

Shortly after crossing into Chile, we stopped for lunch. The stop included a tasty lunch of roast chicken and visit to a Studebaker museum. In addition to many classic cars, this place also had a lot of 40's and 50's memorabilia.
While in transit, we saw lots of pretty scenery.
There is no bridge to the island of Chiloé, so our bus was loaded on a ferry, much like the one in the lower picture.
On the island of Chiloé, our guide, Marcel, pointed out this sign. It says "wife"; we think they mean WiFi. By the way, my spell-checker thinks it should be "wife" as well.
Here is our home for the next couple of days.

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