We spent the early part of the day exploring on our own.
Some scenes from the lake front.

Good day for photographing flowers.
Our hotel and a nearby church.
some place between between the Argentine border and El Calafate
Per Marcel, this is a private school. We saw many schools colorfully painted. I think it is a sweet tradition.
We stopped along the way for a snack and got to watch a few llamas and a baby alpaca. The llama here makes me think of the "Emperor's New Grove".

Some scenes from Petrohué Waterfalls. Bottom picture, me thinking "no, I won't take that picture, I have to draw the line somewhere, it is all so beautiful."(Link: WIki)

Some scenes from our dinner, including: (r-l) Silvana talking with Harvey, Arlene and Barbara; our wonderful meal; cochayuyo salsa, bottom image.

More scenes from our dinner.

Osorno Volcano. The bottom image is from our hotel window. (Link: WIki)

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