Church in am

We saw lots of rheas. As per our guide, Matías, the father takes care of the youngsters. We got to see many devoted dads with their younguns along the roadside as we headed out of Punta Arenas towards Torres del Paine.
Flamingoes in the distance. More flamingoes in a couple of days....stay tuned.
Keeping those Argentines out...seriously.

We passed a lot of scenery that looked like the top picture, with an occasional estancia along the way.

A charming cafe along the way.

Chile has some interesting bus stops. This is just one of the many different designs that we saw.
Peter and Arlene placing water bottles at the sanctuary dedicated to Difunta Correa. According to Silvana (and Wikipedia), Deolinda Correa died when her provisions ran out while trying to reach her sick husband during the Argentine civil wars. She had taken her infant child with her. When her body was found days later by gauchos, the child was still being nursed by the corpse. This is a popular folk legend and it is considered to be bad luck to pass this sanctuary without leaving and offering of bottled water. Note that we had great weather and our group was in good health for the rest of the trip.

We had an opportunity to watch a Southern Caracara (unfortunately it was through the bus window, making the images less impressive). (Link: Wiki for Southern Caracara)

I think this may be Misodendron punctulatum. Our guide, Matías called it "False Mistletoe" which might be the common name for Misodendron punctulatum (also may be -drum). (Link: chiliflora or Wiki or Wikimedia Image)

Here we are walking by Lago Grey and it is windy.

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