group walking to a peer
Here is part of our group walking to a pier where we will be loaded onto a small boat and taken to the boat shown in the distance.
Here is another view from almost the same place as the picture above. See the bits of ice on the right: they might look small, but the closest one is about the size of a bus.
close to the glacier

Here is what we saw as we got close to the glacier. It may be diffficult to get the perspective here, but the ice is ~60feet high. (Links: NASA's Earth Observatory for Grey Glacier, Wiki for Grey Glacier )
in front of the glacier at Lago Grey.
Here I am in front of the glacier at Lago Grey.
Cathy with ice from the glacer
Towards the end of our boat ride, a bit of ice was scooped out of the lake.
view from our hotel
This is the view from our hotel. Beautiful!
view from our hotel
Here is our hotel room.

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