Peter took classes at the University of Buenos Aires when he was 16 back in '65. We set out for the UBA on Sunday morning to see how the campus was fairing.
  • (Top 2 images above) The building in the was brand new at the time and this is the building where Peter took Calculus and Computer classes. (Links: UBA Photos)
  • (Third image of this set) Is a sundial. Peter takes often pictures of these, especially if they are unique.
  • (Images 4-7 above) Here are images of 2 large buildings that were not built yet in '65. See also Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, which shows the buildings photographed from a distance.
This tree is a palo borracho. We saw lots of these around the city. The jug-like bottom was common. (Link: Wiki)
We walked back from the UBA along the La Plata, enjoying the day and seeing lots of relaxing Argentines on this Sunday morning.
We stopped at the restaurant above and had empanadas and a salad. (BTW - the waiter was a bit aggressive and the food was not great.) Outside, we saw what we think is a mail box. This reminded Peter of a comment made by his Dad years ago about putting letters into this red post in hopes that it was a the right place to post a letter.

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