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Our 2009 European Trip, August 2nd, Day 14  

We took a walk in the morning down a path which follows the Inn River. There were lots of beautiful flowers and bike riders. In the afternoon, we picked up Justin at the Innsbruck Airport. A storm arrived in the afternoon and we were able to watch the change at the airport. (Justin arrived today - 1:15 pm Lufthansa Flight: 6416 Operated by TYROLEAN AIRWAYS FOR AUSTRIA).

Pictures from the day are posted below. You can enlarge them by rolling over them (see also navigational note at left). Here are some pictures from August 2nd:

One of the many reasons why we felt so comfortable at Gasthof Badl in Hall...
Photographed by Spencer.  To top of page.  To bottom of page.  To home page.
Spencer at the airport.
Photographed by Cathy.  To top of page.  To bottom of page.  To home page.
We wanted to keep Justin awake to help him adjust to the new time zone. We took a walk in the hills near our lodgings.
Photographed by Justin.  To top of page.  To bottom of page.  To home page.


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