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Our 2009 European Trip, August 5th, Day 17  

Today was a long day and a little complicated logistically. We spent the majority of the day on trains, getting from Austria to Sorrento, in Southern Italy. Here is a summary of our day:
  • Left Hall, Austria
  • Returned rental car in Innsbruck
  • Took a cab to train station
  • Departed: INNSBRUCK HBF on WE 08/05/2009 at 11:27
  • Arrived: BOLOGNA CENTRALE on WE 08/05/2009 at 16:11
  • Departed: BOLOGNA CENTRALE on WE 08/05/2009 at 16:25
  • Arrived: NAPOLI CENTRALE on WE 08/05/2009 at 20:46
  • From Naples, took a local train to Sorrento. The rail system is called the Circumvesuviana connects towns to the south-east of Naples, Italy. (External Link: Circumvesuviana Wiki)
  • Walked to apartment
  • Checked into apartment
  • Ate dinner at ~11pm at Monnalisa in Sorrento. Just down the street from our apartment.

Here are some pictures from August 5th.
Justin, Peter, Cathy and Spencer finishing our last breakfast in Hall.
Photographed by another resident of the Gasthof Badl.  To top of page.  To bottom of page.  To home page.
Justin, Spencer and Peter waiting for the train in Innsbruck.
Photographed by Justin.  To top of page.  To bottom of page.  To home page.
Justin reacting to Peter's surprise that the snack was not what he had expected.
Photographed by Spencer.  To top of page.  To bottom of page.  To home page.
The offending snack.
Photographed by Justin.  To top of page.  To bottom of page.  To home page.
Justin, Spencer, Cathy and Peter hamming it up on the train.
Photographed by Justin.  To top of page.  To bottom of page.  To home page.
A nicer picture of Justin, Spencer, Cathy and Peter.
Photographed by Justin.  To top of page.  To bottom of page.  To home page.

Other Links:
  • Map Hall to rental car return

    View Larger Map

  • We took a taxi from rental car return to train station.
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  • Innsbruck to Naples. This was not the exact route that we took as Google did not pick up the rail route, it picked up the driving route. We switched trains in Bologna and we did go through Rome and had a brief stop there. We sure covered a lot of beautiful terrain. I was very surprised by home much land was devoted to growing fruit and by large areas of terraced gardening throughout the mountainous areas.

    View Larger Map
  • From Naples to our apartment in Sorrento. We took a local train (External Link: Circumvesuviana Wiki) to Sorrento and then walked to our apartment. The walk was short - it was about 10 blocks of walking down crowded cobblestone streets. Even though we arrived late (~10pm), the streets were full of people.

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