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Our 2009 European Trip, August 14th, Last Day  

Today, we left Rome and flew home.

Pictures from the day are posted below. You can enlarge them by rolling over them.
Stephanie and Justin were on flights leaving about an hour before the flight that Peter, Spencer and I were on. Because of this, we (PS&C) arrived at the airport 3 hours prior to our flight. Upon entering the terminal, we found out that our flight had been cancelled. According to the person attending the information desk, the same NW flight had been cancelled the day before. (We never found out why.) We were also told that the airline would put us up in a hotel, etc. The implication was that this was a good deal. We did not think so. We had a sick dog to get home to, in addition, we were ready to go home.

So we waited in this line (this is a story by itself....). We were right near the front of the line as we had arrived early, but we still waited for 2 hours to talk to a NW representative. We did get booked on Continental flights and got home pretty much at our scheduled time.

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On our flight back, we contemplated various ads in the in-flight magazine, including the one above.
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Our clock at home indicating our arrival time in California to be 1am as photographed by Spence. It was a very long day, beginning with an 8:30a cab ride in Rome.
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This was the last day of the trip! Link to the trip's home page.
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