Our 2009 Family Vacation
This is the home page for our family trip to Europe during the Summer of 2009. Our journey began in Stockholm where Peter, Spencer and I visited with my sister, Laura, and her family. From Stockholm, we took a high-speed, over-night train to Berlin, where we rented a car and proceeded to Prague. After spending 3 days in Prague, we drove to Innsbruck, Austria, where Justin joined us. When it was time to leave Austria, we returned the rental car and took a train to Italy. Stephanie joined us in Italy (she was already there and was just completing her Summer archeological studies having spent 6 weeks in Pompeii) and we visited the Sorrento area and Rome.

To find out about what we did in these wonderful places, please click on the calendar days below or the map (at right) has links to arrival days for cities.
July - August 2009
Pages of calendar are links to the day's activities.