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Our 2009 European Trip, July 25th, Day 6  

Today we visited Stockholm's Butterfly House. We walked there by way of Hagaparken (see map below).

External link: Stockholm's Butterfly House and Wiki article on butterflies.

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Peter and I thought that we saw a high percentage of strollers and pregnant women in Stockholm. This scene, with 3 strollers, was not unusual.
Photographed Peter. To top of page.  To bottom of page.  To home page.
Butterflies - we saw a lot of butterflies in the museum... We did not catch the species of the butterflies photographed. According to the Wiki article, there are between 15,000 and 20,000 species of butterflies worldwide.
Photographed Cathy. To top of page.  To bottom of page.  To home page.

Photographed Peter and Cathy. To top of page.  To bottom of page.  To home page.

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