Day 5, April 24th

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Today we left Kuşadası and drove to Marmaris to meet our boat. On the way, we stopped at the Cartpetium and saw silk being made and rugs woven. (See page on Carpetium)


Lovie, one of our travel companions, is being shown how to tie rug knots by one of the experts at the Carpetium.

Photo by Peter

Interesting to see differences in road signs. Here is an example of several. Notice that the in right-most sign (pedestrian crossing), the man has a hat on. This was rare, most of the time there was no hat. Not sure why this might be - we'll have to go back to find out.

Photo by Peter

Gas is approximately 2x what we pay in California. Google: 4.00 (Turkish liras per liter) results in: 8.0207879 US$ / US gallon. Nice to see the round numbers too instead of 3.999

If you are wondering about these solar collectors, as we were, stay tuned.

We had a rest stop here. Looks like a sweet place - much better than what you see, let's say, along I5.

We saw a whole bunch of olive trees on this trip.

We got to see some Turkish folk music at the rest stop. I think the instrument is a bağlama. (Wiki has a sound demo)

We are on the gulet which will be our home for the next 4 days.

Got to see the Turkish military in action.

Here is a pan of the boat. It is ~90 feet long, plenty comfy for the 10 in our group, our leader, and a crew of 3. Nobody got seasick, but you might if you study the surface of the water in this picture.

Relaxing on our first night on the boat.

Our boat at nightfall.

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