Our arrival ;-)

Our arrival ;-), April 19th                   Advance to day 1   |    Map showing hotel   


We arrived in Istanbul early on Friday evening. This picture was taken from the OAT bus as we are being shuttled into the old part of the city and of course the traffic was bad (as it is in most major cities at rush hour on Friday). Looking on the bright side, we did get a good opportunity to look around.

Photo by Peter.

We had dinner here after our guide, Ersin, suggested this place to us. It was a couple of blocks from the hotel and right across the street from Taksim Square. This style called "prepared dishes" by Ersin was pretty common. This place had lots of choices that looked great. We liked it well enough that we came back the next time we had a meal on our own. This place also seemed to be frequented by locals, which was also a plus for us.

Since we arrived pretty late, and had spent the past 20 some hours in transit, we wanted something kind of light for dinner. This is what we chose. BTW, soup, especially (a thin and flavorful) lentil soup, was offered at just about every meal that we had in Turkey. I often had it for breakfast.

A bakery shop across from Taksim Square. Everything looked great, but after having dinner now we were just tired and not even tempted.

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